Snapshots and Second Acts

The Snapshots & Second Acts podcast celebrates the achievements of people who have pivoted into their Second Acts. 

Told through snapshots from their worlds, guests share inspiring stories of their challenges and motivators, proving that it’s never too late to flourish.

Featured Episodes

Celebrating Second Acts

Society values early success; we see this in the abundance of lists celebrating young adults who quickly reached their potential. But what about those folks whose uniquely brilliant talents didn’t immediately surface?

This podcast explores the stories of people who fell into their groove later in life. But each episode does more than tell that story: We get a glimpse into each person’s life via snapshots that reflect the turning points that changed their trajectory and led them on their journeys towards their Second Acts.

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Want to share your story?

I’m always looking for guests. Have you hit your stride later in life? Or have you made a significant shift and want to inspire others? Let me know! 

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